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tel: 01277 652007
tel: 01277 201938

We work with developers and building owners to deliver buildings with lower energy costs, in-built flexibility and tenant appeal. We are a Chartered Building Company and our supervisory team are all professionally qualified. This coupled with our vast experience, means we are able to carry out the most diverse of projects, coordinating designers, sub contractors and onsite maintenance staff, all of which are essential for successful project completion.

Since the companies formation we have engaged a highly skilled team of employees and specialists. We carry out a wide range of building services with an exceptional group of multi skilled craftspeople, specialist manufacturers and suppliers who work with EPC to bring a wealth of new creativity to solving the most difficult and challenging projects.

EPC now benefits from a client base that relies on excellent working relationships and trust that have been forged over many years of successful project delivery. Our aim is to be revered as one of the UK's best principle contractors in our field showcasing the very best in creativity, talent and skill and to encourage a culture of openness in everything we do. We are fully committed to a sustainable community by creating more employment and sponsoring programmes that develop people.

Our business is built on long term relationships of trust and honesty with our clients. Getting it right for you is everything to us and nothing will stand in the way of exceeding your expectations.